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What first started as a test flight with my new Drone turned out to be a special and rare capture. But first things first.

What is better for shooting and testing a drone than a wide open place with no people around and a beautiful mountain range as scenery? Exactly, almost nothing. So I set up my aircraft at a place where I could observe and control everything perfectly and got it up in the sky. Only a few movements with the drone forward and backward and then it suddenly happened. At first I just heard a loud rumbling noise but I could not locate its source. But a few seconds later I was able to see what was happening. And to my luck, my drone was placed perfectly to capture it from the beginning to the end. Well, the first 5 seconds are missing but I could not locate it at this start, remember? It was then quite easy though. How could it not be when such a big event happens only a few meters away from you?

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