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Motion Design

So while I was working on an exercise, I found myself wandering around in the never ending forest of deformers and I went into it deeper, and deeper and deeper and deeper… Is there an echo?

This short 3D animation, which you are just about to see, or maybe just saw – depending on the type of description reader you are – is a use of different deformers on a single sphere. Yes, that’s right, only a round and perfect ball was used and then it was bended, squished and deplaced and then again bended and squished and… you get the point.

And in comparison to my other experiment called „Fire Tree“ I did create an adequate title. And by creating, I literally mean creating a concept, the font and the animation for it. And if that is not enough, I also edited a complete audio mix of sound effects and atmospheres. Of course also fitting to the glitch transition at the end… cause everyone loves glitches. 

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