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Motion Design

Reveal! I first wanted to name it hexagon, but that was way too obvious. „Reveal“ isn’t and it is much more mystical... of course!

Well, you know those times when you bought a new software and want to play around with everything and have fun… I am still talking about the software. The animation here came up while testing and experimenting with this new tool. This scene was entirely made with Element 3D V2. An update of the awesome After Effects plugin from Videocopilot with built-in features like replicating particles and 3D objects, deforming, OpenGL support an integrated fax/modem and microwave. This tool is just super hot! Reveal’s scenes are built out of a sphere, which are built out of hexagons which were replicated a few times and at last duplicated those whole sphere constructions twice more. Woah, just like Inception…Christopher Nolan just called and wants his story back. So, at the end, I added a „little“ bit of animations, textures, lighting, salt and pepper and voilà, revealing hexagons!

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