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Blinder Fleck
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Blinder Fleck


This was my first collaborate short film at my university back in 2012. That was such a great time. I remember being in the garage building the set for this movie, editing and grading it, adding VFX… exhausting? Yes, but pleasing…. oh you have no idea! When my fellow students Michael, Damian, Dario and me showed our work to the audience in the theater in Ravensburg, tears were cried. To experience triggering those emotions in people with a film was amazing. I really love remembering those times. 

Here is the original video description:

Blind Spot

Visionaries, pioneers, dreamers, planners. Basically they all possess nothing but positive qualities: They are ambitious, undeterred and extremely focussed on making their goal and project a reality. However, they often lose sight of the essentials in life.

A movie by:

Michael Colella

Florian Hölterhoff

Damian Sturm

Dario Bonarrigo


Peter Hilmes

Mick Katzer


Beni Dorn / Audiotoxin


Ludovico Einaudi

Beni Dorn

Special thanks to:

Mirko Siakkou-Flodin

The Sturm family

Bodo Klose

Ruben & Aresi

The Beck family

Maike Strothmann

A project by:

DHBW Ravensburg

Media Design WM10B

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